Tell Me Your Vision

I encourage my clients to send me visual references from the director or cinematographer in order to find out the desired look and emotions. Although it is not required, I highly recommend you to do that as it gives me better understanding of desired visual look. You can send me videos, Vimeo or Youtube links, or pictures. You can also send me written instructions. I recommend you some of these websites to find your desired look – Shotdeck, FilmGrab, Movie-Screencaps.

Are there some important colors in your project that have to follow a company’s manual? Send me the manual and I will maintain the colors.

Review process

I use Dropbox Replay as my main review tool. There, you can easily add comments to individual frames. This is much faster and more convenient than sending your comments through email. You don’t need to have Dropbox account to be able to add comments to a video on Dropbox Replay (but I recommend you to create the Dropbox account HERE, as you will get email notifications when I upload a new version or anyone makes a new comment).

We can also have a call on Microsoft Teams or chat on WhatsApp.

Final Delivery

When we are happy with the colors I export the video in the format of your choosing. Then I upload the color graded video on my Dropbox and I share the folder with you.

Before I do the final export I need to know:

  • Where will your video be viewed? Broadcast, web streaming or theatre?
  • What format and resolution do you want me to export the final delivery?
  • Is the export I made the final export or will you perform the final export yourself in your NLE?

Working Remotely

I work remotely from the Czech Republic with clients from all over the world. With all the tools and fast internet connection it is easy to do so. I use Dropbox for all transfer.